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Each Live On Purpose Certified Positivity Practitioner is trained in models of positive psychology developed by Paul H. Jenkins, Ph.D. This community of practitioners works collaboratively to share ideas and stay on the cutting edge of applied positive psychology.


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As a client working with your Live On Purpose Certified Positivity Practitioner you have access to a personal library of powerful tools including books, audio or video programs, models, and workbooks.


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If you are a life coach or would like to become a practitioner for some other aspect of your work, and are looking to enhance your practice with Live on Purpose tools and resources, click below to learn more.

Live On Purpose

Rather than letting life push you around, have a definite purpose and then engage in that purpose intentionally. Principles determine all of life’s outcomes.

The objective of Live On Purpose coaching is to illuminate those principles and then find specific ways to apply those principles in your life – with all of your specific context and circumstances.

Success in life is not determined by magic or luck – it is the consistent application of principles. Through your Live On Purpose process, you identify those principles, and get out of your own way to more effectively create and live the life you love.

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We all get in our own way from time to time. Together with your Live On Purpose Certified Positivity Practitioner, you see more clearly how to get out of your own way to create and live the life you love.”


Live On Purpose Certified coaches are trained in principles of positive psychology that are known to improve life when applied. Knowledge of these principles puts you in position to immediately improve every aspect of your life.


Your coach can help you explore specific application of principles for your work, your relationships, and your personal life in a confidential environment where you will feel supported and understood.


Meeting with your coach gives you a powerful way to hold yourself accountable for the upgrades and improvements you’ve been telling yourself you would make. You actually keep your promises to yourself.

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